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Guide to the operating procedures of SAFER (LandUse and RuralSettlementCompanies) is the online database of rural properties offered by LandUse and RuralSettlementCompanies (SAFER). SAFER covers Metropolitan France and the 3 French overseasadministrative departments (DOMs).

SAFERs were established in 1960. They include limited companies governed by article L. 141-1 of French law which adhere to rural and sea-fishing codes, and are entrusted with a public service mission reporting to the state (finance and agriculture ministers). This distinctive purpose means that SAFER cannot by law be profit making.

In carrying out their mandate, primarily, they put up for sale professional agricultural property or other rural assets for the benefit of professional projects (commercial , industrial, craft or agricultural) within the context of sustainable development and planning policy for rural territories (article L. 111-2 of the same code).

Applications are submitted according to procedures outlined in article R. 141-11 of the rural and maritime fishing code, according to which projects are submitted after consultation with the departmental technical committee, with the approval of the Government Commissioners for the ministries of finance and agriculture.

The grants, by retrocession, and directly or by substitution, aim to fulfil the objectives set by the public authorities and are awarded to candidates, legal, private or public persons capable of ensuring the management, development or sustainability of the assets awarded and to ensure funding support.

SAFERs can match the award of assets to specifications, which in particular allow for the maintenance of environmentally friendly agricultural practices or the development of the countryside.

All divestments carried out by a SAFER under article L. 141-1 of the rural and sea-fishing code, matching a set of specifications for a period of ten years at least in accordance with the article R 142-2, are exempt from registration fees (article 1028 onwards in the General Taxation Code).

The involvement of SAFERs results in the payment of charges fixed by the governing body, to which other expenses (storage and management, etc.), may be added, if applicable (according to context, candidate's project, technical difficulties with the dossier, etc.).

What do we offer?

If you are a project leader, buyer, young farmer, or investor looking to develop a project contributing to the success of agriculture and the rural world (craft, leisure and tourism, socio-cultural activities), then SAFERs can assist you with your project.

SAFERs can participate in the transformation of farms and properties which have a variety of aims:

  • handover of mixed-crop farms
  • all elements of livestock farming (the sale and rental of land, farm buildings, livestock and equipment), transfer of leases, transparency, support for the necessary procedures in line with agricultural regulations and structure schemes, consultation with local stakeholders, etc.
  • identification of potential funders and investors for properties suitable for investment and re-leasing
  • transfer of wineries, horticultural, market gardening and arboricultural farms, forest, hunting or fishing land

SAFERs also work with land dedicated to agri-tourism and rural development.

Are you looking for further details on a property found on this site and the relevant terms and conditions?

Get in direct contact with the SAFER covering the administrative department where the property is located.